Whistleblowing channel

This whistleblowing system allows you to report violations of laws an regulations, which can cause severe damage for the company, its employees and business partners as well as the general public.

In particular violations posing a high risk to the company include the following:
• Criminal violations of data protection rules
• Severe violations in connection with licensing rights
• Cases of sexual harassment, discrimination and racism
• Violations that are likely to do severe harm to the company's reputation
• Severe violations of the integrity of the whistleblower system, for example, severe violation of whistleblower anonymity or reporting obligations
• Corruption, anti-trust and money laundering offences
• Accounting and bookkeeping violations with a significant impact that can be detected externally
• Severe violations of the Group's internal agreements to the disadvantage of employees
• Theft, fraud and undue enrichment offences of significant scope
• Violations of human rights (e.g. violating the principles of the UN Global Compact)
• Violations in connection with environmental regulations
• Export control or sanctions violations
• Severe injury to physical or mental well-being

Your feedback helps to identify riscs and improve our processes.

You can choose to remain anonymous if this is legal in the respective country and situation.
In that case, please copy the key after sending a message. You need it for tracking the status of your report and getting in contact to the Compliance Officer incognito.

Thank you for your cooparation.

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